Our History

Where it all began

MPI Offshore is the industry’s most experienced partner in delivering offshore wind and marine projects.

Our company demonstrates daily that not only having the right tools is important but also the right hands to operate them. Experience and knowledge is essential in delivering projects on time and to budget and to exacting standards of safety, quality and precision. Over the last decade MPI Offshore has partnered with leading developers and utility companies enabling the delivery of their projects. These significant wind farm installations include Kentish Flatts, Barrow, Lynn & Inner Dowsing, Robin Rigg, Thanet, Lincs, London Array and Teesside, which is currently the largest consented wind farm in the world.

As far back as 1999 concepts were being evaluated to find the best solution for installing offshore wind projects on a large scale. The original team who worked on this project still think that a transport and installation solution is the way forward.

MV MPI Resolution was designed and constructed as a Wind Turbine Installation Vessel (WTIV), starting February 2001, leaving the Chinese shipyard in October 2003 and being ready for service in European waters in early 2004.

Costing approx USD 75m to build, MPI Resolution honours the memory of Captain James Cook, a world-renowned explorer and an innovative navigator. Cook was born and grew up locally and sailed on his world voyages from the port of Whitby, which lies a few miles south of Middlesbrough. He was Master of the Resolution on his second expedition in search of the ‘Southern Land’, south of the Cape towards the South Pole.

On 31 March 2006 the MPI Resolution and associated equipment became a part of a Company jointly owned by Vroon Group B.V. and the original management team.

MPI Resolution has performed so well that the decision to order two further vessels was made in 2008. The names of these vessels again carry Cook’s Commissions, namely MPI Adventure and MPI Discovery. These two sister vessels have been delivered in 2011.

Early January 2015, MPI Offshore announced the acquisition of Victoria Mathias from RWE Innogy. Victoria Mathias is a 2011-built wind-turbine-installation vessel, designed to transport, lift and install wind turbines and their foundations. Following closely in the traditions of the existing MPI fleet, Victoria Mathias has been renamed “MPI Enterprise” and operates under the Dutch flag.

In order to anticipate the market developments over the last few and upcoming years, MPI is investigating to invest in a next-generation vessel.

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