About MPI Workboats

MPI Workboats operate a fleet of state-of-the-art, purpose-built wind farm support aluminium catamarans.

We realised at an early stage that our customers’ requirements for a workboat differed greatly between the construction phase and the operational phase of a wind farm.

Working with the likes of Dong Energy, Siemens Wind Power, Centrica Energy, London Array and E.ON, MPI Workboats operate fast catamarans for the transfer of personnel and equipment between the shore and the wind turbines. Our vessels are constructed to a very high standard and are all built by one of the largest boat builders in the UK, South Boats IOW Limited and two vessels have been built by SEAS – South East Asia Shipyard Limited. The current fleet includes two 15m, four 17m vessels, four 19m, one 20m and two 21.85m version, all being robust, fast and seaworthy. This allows them to work in a variety of challenging environments. The layout of the vessels has been designed with the comfort and safety of the passengers they carry in mind.

New order for 19m Alloy Catamarans
From the series of four vessels built by South Boats and first of class for a new breed of UK offshore wind farm support vessels, the first one, MPI Altisidora was delivered in October 2013, the second, MPI Lucinda on 14 February 2014, whilst MPI Sampson will follow a few weeks later. MPI Trifaldi will be delivered in April 2014.

The South Catamaran 19m GL WFSV has been designed for MPI Workboats Ltd, to meet the changing and ever more demanding requirements of supporting UK offshore wind farms.

MPI Napoleon and MPI Snowball
MPI Napoleon and MPI Snowball are the latest acquisitions of MPI Workboats. Both windfarm‑support vessels were constructed at South East Asia Shipyard (SEAS) in Vietnam, which is part of the PIRIOU Group. These two vessels were both launched on Saturday 9 November 2013, arrived in Le Havre, France early February 2014, and were delivered to MPI Workboats on 13 February 2014. They will service the windfarm industry in the North Sea and Baltic Sea.

The catamarans are built of aluminum and are 21.85m long. They are equipped with 2 x MAN engines and hydrojets, equating to a vessel speed of up to 25 knots, and can transport up to 12 passengers, 3 crew and two 10-foot containers.

MPI Snowball_YL7_16464-XL

If you would like to have more information please contact MPI Workboats: E info@workboats.mpi-offshore.com

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