MPI Adventure

The MPI Adventure is the ‘next generation’ of wind turbine installation vessel. Designed to transport, lift and install wind turbines and their foundations, she is the world’s most advanced and most efficient WTIV, in terms of jacking speed, deck space, lifting capacity and positioning capabilities (DP-2).

The vessel’s enhanced characteristics have been achieved without losing the original concept of a unique combination of tested technologies, pioneered by MPI on its first WTIV, the MPI Resolution.


The experience gained from operating MPI Resolution in the offshore wind turbine installation market since 2003 has proved vital in implementing these enhancements. Key features on the MPI Adventure include a 1,000-tonne-capacity main crane, plus a 50-tonne-capacity auxiliary crane, accommodation capacity for 112 persons, a maximum operating depth of 40 metres (at 5.0m leg penetration and 7.8m air gap) and an ability to jack with 6,000 tonnes of cargo on board.

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