About Us

We furnish all-round solutions, including engineering, procurement, and construction in the full value chain of offshore wind and adjacent marine construction activities.

Being a part of Van Oord, and our experience of well over 15 years, we focus our activities from offshore wind installation, including Balance of Plant (BoP), to maintenance activities to decommissioning.

With our own offshore wind installation vessels MPI Resolution and MPI Adventure and Aeolus, our heavy-lift installation vessel Svanen, our cable-laying vessel Nexus and our powerful trencher Dig-It, MPI Offshore aim to work closely with our clients, working safely and with respect for one another and the environment. Working together proactively on safety is a natural part of that. 

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Roy van Loveren
General manager

Who we are

MPI, together with Van Oord, has been one of the early movers and pioneers in the offshore wind industry at the start of the millennium. MPI Resolution was the first purpose built offshore wind jack-up vessel and taken into service by MPI Offshore in 2003.

MPI Offshore, with 20 years of offshore wind experience, is based in the North East of England. In 2018 Van Oord acquired MPI Offshore, to form Van Oord Offshore Wind UK, trading as MPI Offshore, merging the UK organisation of MPI Offshore with the EPCI capabilities of Van Oord. Having a strong UK foothold, MPI Offshore focuses on O&M services covering the whole of Europe, whilst delivering Balance of Plant / EPCI solutions with the support of the market leadership of Van Oord Offshore Wind.

As a subsidiary of Van Oord Offshore Wind, our team, consisting of industry specialists in the field of engineering, project and vessel management, finance and control, tendering and commercial management, is fully integrated within the Van Oord organisation.

Marine ingenuity, sustainable and innovative solutions for the long term, safety and partnerships go hand-in-hand. It’s the people that make this company, the things that drive them, their entrepreneurship, dedication, passion, team spirit and care.